Mr P Shop & Our Paper City Advent Calendar

Mr P Shop & Our Paper City Advent Calendar

Mr P Shop Open

Today we have very exciting news! Something that means a lot for the future of the Mr P site…!

Did you know that over 350,000 files are downloaded from Mr P every month? Around this busy season it’s over 400,000. All completely for free, downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of families all over the world. That’s over 4 million in a year! We’ve been around for a few years now and have seen countless number of children (and those eternally young at heart!) around the world having fun making, learning and playing with our projects and that’s just priceless.

Needless to say there is a LOT of work and costs and to keep it going we need to support and fund our ongoing effort. If we got $1 for each download… well, that sounds good ^ ^ but we won’t do that, we like it this way! All. Free. so more families can enjoy our projects whenever they need. Also the projects will stay free from corporate sponsorship and global media franchise. We promise this. We’d like to be one of those places on the internet that offers something a little different, a little less commercial and can stay independent that way. So here comes our brilliant new plan, that will keep all of our original projects free and keep more coming.

We’re launching a series of new products by Mr P – some of our existing projects produced in nice materials, ready to make kits and brand new designs you haven’t seen yet. There are loads planned and we think you’ll love them. We’re also launching our Mr P Shop where you can buy those items alongside other fun and creative products we source from other creative companies we like. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

WOO HOO! Hope you’re excited as much as we are!

Ok the introduction is getting too long and I can sense the audience fidgeting…! Just one more thing we’d like to mention is that over the years we have noticed quite a few companies copy our designs and ideas to sell as their own. There will be an article about this and we’ll be taking a strong stand on it. This has further motivated us to start making our designs into products ourselves.

Now on to the first Mr P product!

Mr P Paper City / Advent City

Our beloved Christmas Street advent calendar from 2012 is now available as a ready-to-make kit. With a new name ‘Paper City’, but we also call it ‘Advent City’ as they are perfect as advent calendars as well as a play sets for any season.

Printed on 24 sheets of smooth heavyweight paper, with bright Pantone colors, with pre-cut, pre-fold lines so no need for any cutting and scoring – none of that hard work that while rewarding we often don’t have time for. Also printing full color on heavy weight paper is not always easy at home and can be costly. So here comes the rescue option!

Just pop them out, glue a few tabs and that’s it! At only $21 for 24 sheets it’s also a very economic option : )

Mr P Paper City / Advent City

There are 24 little building boxes (and 3 mini cars) in which you can hide little treats. Each building with it’s own street number, from 1 to 24! Perfect for the countdown to Christmas.

Aaaand we offer WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING for all orders until next week – so pop over to our brand new MR P Shop now and get yours! : ) If you’ve made this before yourself and enjoyed it, you could get one as a present? : ) (Am I good at hard selling? I hope so, if I’m to run a shop from now on! ^ ^)

More fun things are coming to the shop next week so sign up for the Mr P Shop newsletter for offers and news! Again, thank you so much to all our visitors, friends on social media and bloggers who’ve featured and supported us so far!!

Oh and by the way you can also buy this from our stockists – some awesome stores who’re supporting us from the very beginning, thank you!

  • Daia

    These are just adorable!

    • mrprintables

      Thank you!! : )

  • tatakidsdesign

    good luck, you deserve the BEST!

    • mrprintables

      So kind of you!! Thank you so much : )

  • Cécile

    Wow I’m impressed by the number of downloads. But only natural since Mr P site is great site.

    The ready-to-make kit is such a good idea. I hope it will be a success.