Movie for babies by Wee See

Movie for babies by Wee See

It is well known that babies love black & white (and some of us never grow out of it ^ ^ ). Wee See is an animated pacifier made only of black and white shapes changing slowly that are designed to fascinate and calm down babies. It’s like a digital crib mobile that you play from a dvd. Created by New York designer Rolyn Barthelman with original music by Tim DeLaughter, the animation provides a gentle, safe yet intriguing and mesmerising sensorial experience for babies. It is a beautifully and carefully created film and I think it makes a classic must-watch for the babies.

I must add that it is also perfect for any grown up to play and watch on your computer screen, with a cup of coffee in the afternoon to give your overloaded senses a refreshing break.

You can get the dvds (it comes in two parts) from Wee See site.

  • Melissa Kojima

    Wow. It’s fascinating. I’d like to see how a baby reacts to them.

    • mrprintables

      Just like you. ; )