New on Mr P : Cracking Crackers!

Hello friends! It’s been a while…! We’ve been working so hard on many new things recently (our new brand and the shop) but we’re ready with loads of new goodies for you from MrP. Don’t miss anything! : ) We’re back first with a cracking new printable and it’s a snap! Find our funny looking Christmas crackerContinue Reading

Bleebla + Interview

Bleebla + Interview

Would you like to adopt a polvo, rinoceronte or an orangotango? Meet Bleebla, beautiful wooden toys inspired by nature, made in Portugal; the brainchild of architects Ana Ferreira and Luís Leite. Polvo means octopus in Portuguese, rinoceronte means rhinoceros and orangotango is the word I’ll be using for orangutans from now on! Despite their simple silhouettes,Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide by Sister’s Guild

Our lovely sponsor Sister’s Guild is an awesome place to shop for Christmas with products full of rich character and imagination. Here’s a wonderful Holiday Gift Guide, 12 items specially picked by the sisters who know a lot about how to make an enchanting Christmas! 1 Wovenplay Couronne Headband 2 Angel Doll by Maileg 3 Hardback Notebooks by Rice DKContinue Reading